The Curious J: A science blog

Exploring life, one atom at a time.


About the Blog:

The Curious J is a passion project combining a love for writing with an appreciation for science. As much as I wish I could make this a regular blog, I usually only write when my curiosity, interest in writing, and available free time collide.

About the Author:

My name is June. I grew up in rural areas on the west coast and spent most of my childhood exploring the outdoors or with my nose shoved in a book. Curiosity has been the biggest driving force of my life, helping me complete a B.S. in Cell & Molecular Biology and a M.S. in Environmental Science & Policy, and eventually landing me into the field of genetics and healthcare biotechnology. 

I believe science is the exploration of nature and the pursuit of truth. However, the act of exploring science is also full of controversy, human greed and ego – requiring us all to collaborate, take risks, and help each other explore this world together. I hope this blog helps you explore the world with me.


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