The Curious J: A science blog

Exploring life, one atom at a time.


About the Blog:

The Curious J is a passion project combining a love for writing with an appreciation for science. The ultimate goals of the blog are to explore the wonders and ideas of the world that peek my curiosity (and hopefully yours) and along the way investigate how science can be used to better our future. 

About the Author:

My name is June Hope. I grew up in rural areas on the west coast and spent most of my childhood exploring the outdoors or shoving my nose in a book. Since a young age, I’ve had an appreciate for nature and a sense of curiosity that got me into mischief. I began my undergraduate degree in English before taking a genetics course as an elective and having my entire world change. Soon after, I switched my major and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology.

Currently I work for a biotechnology company in Southern California and am earning my masters in Environmental Science and Policy at Johns Hopkins University.

I believe science is the exploration of nature and the pursuit of truth. However, science is also full of controversy, human greed and ego – requiring us all to collaborate, take risks, and help each other explore this world together. I hope this blog helps you explore the world with me.

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